Big Arrow Peak ( 5226') and Arrow Peak (5205')

Ridge traverse loop hike in Arrow Canyon Range, Nevada

January 16, 2006

01Arrow Canyon Range

02On route to ascent canyon

03At the mouth of the canyon

04In the canyon

05In the canyon

06Snail fossil

07By huge Skeleton Weed

08View out of the canyon

09Sheep Range in distance

10The ridge begins here

11On route to Big Arrow Peak

12Vistas from ridge

13Snail fossil

14Moapa Peak in distance

15Moapa Peak


17That is not the summit above

18By quartzite rock, limestone above


20On route to the summit

21On route to the summit

22Coyote Springs Valley

23Elbow Range

24On route to the summit

25Horn Coral fossil

26On route to Big Arrow

27On route to Big Arrow

28On route to Big Arrow

29Arrow Ridge

30Arrow Ridge

31On route to the summit

32That is not the summit above

33Moapa Peak in distance

34Finally summit comes to view

35Big Arrow Peak summit

36Sign-in book

37On the summit of Big Arrow

38On the summit of Big Arrow

39On the summit of Big Arrow

40On the summit of Big Arrow

41The Ridge and Arrow Peak

42Off to Arrow Peak

43Unnamed summits we will climb

44On Arrow Ridge

45View east