Bear Mountain

Sedona Red Rock Country, Arizona

(5.7 miles up and back, 1800 feet elevation gain)

March 14, 2006

01Bear Mountain


03Hike begins here

04View from the trail

05View from the trail

06On the trail

07On the trail

08Chilling in shade

09The trail


11On the trail

12Pinnacle with a window


14Admiring the vistas


16Trail leads above the red level

17Raven above

18On the trail

19Our destination comes to view here

20View of Bear Mountain

21Close-up of Bear Mtn

22On the way up

23View of Red Rocks

24Close-up of Red Rocks


26On the trail

27On the way up

28A look back

29Hiking up to false peak


31View of false peak

32Below false peak

33Hiking up

34Fay Canyon is down below us

35Casner Mountain on horizon