Black Velvet Peak and Wall, South Red Rock, Nevada

December 1, 2005

01South Red Rock

02Black Velvet Peak

03Black Velvet Wall

04Burlap Buttress

05The Monument


07Good tree to test your balance

08Black Velvet Wall

09Alternate route up the canyon

10On top of alternate route

11Climbing route- Epinephrine 5.9

12In Black Velvet Canyon

13By autumn colors

14Hiking up the canyon

15View down the canyon

16Testing sticky rubber

17Natural arch

18View of our goals

19View down Black Velvet Canyon

20The Monument

21Close-up of Monument Arch

22Our goals are getting closer

23On Black Velvet Peak

24On Black Velvet Peak

25View of top of Black Velvet Wall

26On top of Black Velvet Wall

27On top of Black Velvet Wall

28Bighorn Sheep

29Bighorn Sheep