Bonanza Peak (10,400') to McFarland Peak (10,742') Traverse

A 12-mile loop with approximately 4500 feet of elevation gain in the Spring Mountains, Nevada

September 7, 2007

For GPS beta courtesy of Nick click here.

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01In Cold Creek

02Desert Cottontail

03Bonanza Peak

04Starting on the trail

05View of Cold Creek

06One of many switchbacks

07Slopes of Willow Peak

08Bonanza Peak comes to view

09Distant view of Macks Peak

10Approaching the saddle

11Break at the saddle

12Wild currants

13Companion at the saddle

14Palmers Chipmunk

15At the saddle

16Vistas from the saddle

17Off to Bonanza Peak

18Approaching the summit

19On top of Bonanza Peak

20On top of Bonanza Peak

21Bonanza summit

22View of our route

23View of our route


25View of Macks Peak

26Descending Bonanza

27Descending Bonanza

28Descending Bonanza

29Looking ahead on route

30At the overlook


32Look back at Bonanza Peak

33The ridge begins

34Looking ahead on ridge

35Long ways to go

36Enjoying the vistas

37Hiking along the ridge

38On the ridge

39By another overlook on ridge

40Steep and fun

41Steep and fun

42Steep and fun

43Looking back on ridge

44Looking ahead

45View towards Cold Creek

46View of McFarlands summit

47On route along the ridge

48On route along the ridge

49Looking ahead on ridge

50Chilling on the ridge

51Time to continue up the ridge

52On route to more scrambles

53Look back at Bonanza

54The ridge