Bridge Mountain (6, 940 feet) in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Up via North Peak Wash. 7 miles round trip; approximately 2,900 feet elevation gain

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February 17, 2007

01On route up North Peak Wash

02In North Peak Wash

03The way up

04The wash continues

05On route up the wash

06North Peak is in the back

07On route to Bridge

08Icebox Canyon down below

09Look back at North Peak

10On route to Bridge

11By a Ponderosa

12Ponderosa and small pond

13Water is scarce this year

14With close-up of Bridge

15Peak is still far away

16On route to Bridge

17On route up Bridge Mtn

18On the way up

19On the way up

20On the way up

21Buffalo Wall and North Peak

22By Bridge Mtn Arch

23Bridge Mtn Arch

24In the arch

25Hiking through the arch

26Still alive Ponderosa near arch

27Griffith Peak view

28Summit pyramid

29The Hidden Forest

30The Hidden Forest

31The Hidden Forest

32The Hidden Forest

33On route to summit

34On route to summit


36Bridge Point close-up

37On Bridge Mountain

38The summit of Bridge

39On route to the top

40Natural tank below the summit

41Tank and vistas

42Ice in the tank

43On the summit

44On the summit

45On the summit

46On the summit

47Summit vistas

48Summit vistas


50Descending on top of arch

51Look back at the arch



53Manzanita bush

54It is blooming already

55Manzanita blooms

56Bridge Mtn and Ponderosa

57Needles and cone

58On the way back

59With Bridge Mtn in the back

60Ponderosa Pine

61Snow is melting fast



64By another Ponderosa

65Rainbow Pk and Wall

66Bridge Mountain

67Bridge Mtn and Arch close-up

68Break before heading down

69Dragon Rock and Ponderosa


71Final look at Bridge Mtn