Bridge Point (6,670') via Fern Canyon

Red Rock, Nevada

8 miles round trip; 2,670 feet of elevation gain

May 22, 2007

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01Bridge Point

02On Pine Creek trail

03On route into Fern Canyon

04First lizard of the day

05Water in Fern Canyon

06Young Fern

07Bigger Fern

08In Fern Canyon

09On route up Fern Canyon

10Looking back

11Hanging Gardens

12On route up canyon

13In Fern Canyon


15On route up canyon

16On route up canyon

17Pacific Tree Frog

18Another Froggy


20On route up canyon

21On route up canyon

22Side boxed canyon

23Looking ahead

24Traversing to dry falls

25Traversing to dry falls

26On route to dry falls

27Up the dry falls

28On route to next level

29On route to next level

30On route up

31Surprise on route

32Agave Bloom

33Agave Blooms

34Photographing Agave Bloom


36Bee and Blossoms

37Persistant Bee

38Agave Blossoms

39Close up of flowers

40On route up

41Another Side-blotched Lizard


43Next level is coming up

44On route to next level

45Around the wall

46Looking ahead

47On route to gully

48Looking back towards Paiute Wall

49North route to Mescalito is in view

50On route to gully

51On route to gully

52The gully is near

53In the gully

54Looking down from gully

55Looking ahead in the gully

56On route up gully

57Very young Agave

58Turkey Vulture above

59On route up gully

60On route up gully

61On route up gully

62Claret Cup Cactus


64Mojave Sage

65On the summit


67Surprise below dry falls

68Notice three Lambs

69Bighorn Ewe and 3 Lambs

70Bighorns leaving

71Ewe and Lamb peek over again

72They are coming back

73Ewes and Lambs are back



76Bighorns running

77Looking down the cliffs

78Getting ready to run down

79Down-Climbing Lesson

80Lamb running down

81Now they are on other side of canyon

82Two Ewes and two Lambs

83Ewes with Lambs

84Ewe continues up

85Lamb looks back

86Bye Gals

87Descending into Fern Canyon

88Looking towards Fern Canyon

89Fern Canyon below

90Back in Fern Canyon

91Ponderosas at the mouth of the canyon

92Back on the trail

93GPS trace of the route

94Profile of the hike