Peak 5146 aka Broken Arrow and Hidden Peak (5,028 feet)

9.5 mile loop hike in Arrow Canyon Range, Nevada

January 31, 2006

01US 93

02Arrow Canyon Range come to view

03Arrow Canyon Range

04We begin here

05Broken Arrow

06Yucca country

07On route to ascent canyon

08It is a long walk

09Through the desert

10On route to ascent canyon

11Nice big Cholla

12By the same Cholla

13The ascent canyon

14Descending into the canyon

15In the canyon

16In the canyon

17View of Sheep Range

18Hayford Peak in clouds

19In the canyon

20Hiking up

21The way up


23Snail fossil

24On route

25Off route

26The way up

27Climbing up

28On the way up

29Climbing up

30Climbing up

31In the pretty ascent canyon

32Dryfall looks polished

33We traverse around it



36View up canyon above dryfall

37View down canyon


39Snail impression in a rock




43We continue uphill

44Hiking up

45Colorful layers in rock

46More layers

47Climbing up

48Turtle Rock

49Turtle Rock close-up

50Climbing up

51Canyon narrows here

52Climbing up

53On the way up

54Climbing up

55Climbing up