Cathedral Rock (8624 feet)

Spring Mountains, Nevada

A 3.7-mile hike up and back with a 1000 feet of elevation gain.

February 21, 2007

01View from Kyle Canyon

02Cathedral Rock

03Close-up of the peak

04Peak view from picnic area

05On the trail

06Cathedral view

07Looking ahead on the trail

08On Cathedral Rock Trail

09On the trail

10Tree bench along the trail

11On the tree bench

12View of Cathedral looking back

13Avalanche debris

14View of Fletcher Peak

15Looking towards the sun

16Frozen waterfall

17On another tree bench

18On a tree bench

19Ponderosa Pine roots

20By Ponderosa roots

21Ponderosa Pine bark

22Ponderosas by the trail

23On the trail

24Vistas from trail

25Vistas from trail

26On the summit

27Mummy Mtn and Kyle Canyon

27On the summit

28View of Harris Peak

29Summit and Charleston view

31On the summit

31View of Charleston Peak

32Wind on Charleston Peak

33Mummy and Fletcher Peak

34Cabins and Lodge

35Mountain Mahogany on top

36Mountain Mahogany

37More summit vistas



40Ponderosa and vistas

41View from trail


43Frozen waterfall

44Upper falls

45Lower falls


47Cathedral Rock and Mummy view


49White Fur

50Aftermath of avalanche


52GPS trace of the hike

53Profile of the hike