Charleston Peak (11,918 feet)

Spring Mountains, Nevada

Ascent via Big Falls Route; Descent via normal (North Loop/Trail Canyon) trail

A 12-mile loop with 4000 feet of elevation gain

June 10, 2007

01Starting on Mary Jane trail

02On Mary Jane trail

03Charleston Peak far above

04Looking ahead on trail

05Carols Fritillary

06Break on Ponderosa cone

07Off trail


09On route to Big Falls

10Looking ahead

11Nevada Columbine

12Big Falls are dry this year

13On route up Big Falls

14On route up Big Falls

15On route up Big Falls

16On route up Big Falls

17Busy Chipmunk on top of Big Falls

18Photographing Paintbrush

19Indian Paintbrush

20Thompson Beardtongue


22In the meadow above Big Falls

23Geological disturbance above

24Looking ahead on route


26By the spring

27The Spring

28Lots of Shooting Stars by the spring

29Alpine Shooting Stars

30We leave this drainage here

31Paintbrush among limestone rock

32a-Part of Ascent Drainage in view

32b- We are in the ascent drainage

33Thompson Beardtongue

34Thompson Beardtongue

35Lots of Aspens here

36Starting up the drainage

37Lots of Thistles here too

38On route up the drainage

39Up through the thistles

40The only Thistle already in bloom

41Thistle in bloom

42In the drainage

43Class 3 section in drainage

44On route up the drainage

45Class 3 section

46On route up the drainage

47Looking ahead

48Paintbrush in sunlight

49Indian Paintbrush

50Close up

51Tree roots and vistas

52Looking ahead on route

53Roots of big pine tree

54Break by big pine tree

55It is a double tree

56By a double tree

57Half way up the drainage

58Scree or scramble

59On route up the drainage