Clark Mountain ( 7,930 feet)

Mojave National Preserve Highest Point

Mesquite Mountains BLM Wilderness Area, California

November 16, 2005

00Clark Mountains

01We park here

02The ridge we will traverse

03The ridge we will traverse

04On route to the ridge

05On route to the ridge

06On the ridge

07On South Ridge

08Hiking up

09On the ridge

10South Ridge

11Climbing up

12South ridge

13Summit comes to view

14On the ridge

15We head up the ridge

16It is windy

17On the ridge

18On the ridge

19Little downclimb

20On the ridge

21On the ridge

22Below the ridge

23On the ridge




27Summit is near

28A look back

29Below the summit

30Almost there


32Survey plaque

33Us on top

34GPS check

35Sign-in book

36View from the top

37View from the top

38Raven checking us out

39Vistas below the peak

40We descend along this ridge

41Vistas along the ridge

42Vistas along the ridge

43Natural window

44Small natural arch

45In the window


47Look bak at the summit

48On knife-edge ridge

49By the wrecked plane

50In the wrecked plane

51Twisted tree

52Vistas on our way down

53View of standard route up

54Full Moon