Winter Ascent of Griffith Peak ( 11, 056 feet), Mt. Charleston, Nevada

Via Echo Canyon with a bonus sunset experience.

January 5, 2006


02South Loop trail

03On the trail

04Beautiful White Pine

05On the trail

06With a snowman

07Hose Monster

09View of Mummy Mountain

10View of Charleston Peak

11Charleston Peak

12On the trail

13Echo Cliffs

14Entering Echo Canyon

15Echo Cliffs

16Hiking up Echo Canyon

17Hiking up Echo Canyon

18View of Fletcher Peak

19In Echo Canyon

20Hiking up Echo Canyon


22First obstacle comes to view

23Hiking up Echo

24By first dry fall

25Icicles on another dry fall

26More dry falls ahead

27View down

28Cliffs around us

29Climbing up

30Climbing up

31Thanks you tree

32More obstacles ahead

33View down Echo Canyon

34Vistas around us

35Fletcher and Mummys Toe view

36Hiking up

37Hiking up

38Easy section

39More easy stuff ahead

40View of Mummy Mountain

41Close-up of Charleston Peak