Winter Ascent of

Griffith Peak (11,060 feet)

Spring Mountains, Nevada

8 miles (if you take shortcuts) up and back via South Loop Trail; 3500 feet of elevation gain

December 29, 2006


02Kyle Canyon Road

03Charleston at sunrise

04Griffith at sunrise

05Cocks Comb in morning light

06Snowman on route to trailhead

07South Loop trailhead

08Putting on snowshoes

09Off we go

10Obstacle on trail

11Vistas from trail

12Close up of Mummy Mtn

13View of Fletcher Peak ahead

14More vistas from trail


16Looking ahead at Echo Canyon

17Looking ahead on trail

18On South Loop trail

19It is cold

20On the switchbacks

21Sunshine finally

22Looking ahead on trail

23Looking down

24On the trail

25On the trail

26On the trail

27Switchbacks continue

28A short break

29Close up of Harris Peak

30Vistas from break spot

31Time to continue up

32Looking ahead on trail

33On the trail

34South Loop trail

35South Loop trail

36On the trail

37On the trail

38Looking ahead on switchbacks

39Another switchback

40Some tall pine trees here

41Vistas from trail

42Notice trail marker on tree


44Looking ahead on trail

45View from overlook

46At the overlook

47Charleston Peak view

48Charleston Peak

49Wind on Charleston Peak

50More vistas from the overlook

51Cathedral Rock down below

52Time to continue up

53Pine forest

54A rock in the forest

55Notice red trail marker on tree

56Sunlight in the forest

57On the way up

58Looking ahead on trail

59Pine forest

60A gust of wind in the forest

61A gust of wind

62Forest and wind

63Griffith visible behind the trees

64I am tired

65Our goal is in clear view now

66View of saddle we need to reach

67More vistas

68Close up of Griffith

69On route to saddle


71On route to saddle

72On route to saddle

73Close up of Griffith

74Finally the saddle

75Approaching the saddle

76Scenery at the saddle

77A break for hot drink

78Bristlecone pines

79Bristlecone pines

80Bristlecone pines