Gunsight Notch Peak (6021 feet) in Red Rocks, Nevada

Ascent via Juniper Canyon and Gunsight Notch; descent via Gunsight Notch Canyon and Pine Creek

A 7-mile loop with over 2000 feet of elevation gain.

May 9, 2007

01Starting on Pine Creek trail

02Cactus Wren on yucca

03Turning onto Fire Ecology trail

04Moon setting by Rainbow Wall

05Moon setting

06Ponderosas in the wash

07Indigo Bush in bloom

08Indigo Bush blooms

09Strawberry Hedgehog cactus

10Inside the bloom

11Cholla with bird nest

12Another Cactus Wren nest

13Trail sign

14Entering Juniper Canyon

15First lizard of the day

16On route up canyon

17Brownstone Wall above

18Looking ahead

19Looking ahead at Gunsight

20Rainbow Wall above

21Western Fence lizard

22Bottom of Rainbow Wall

23Looking back

24Another lizard

25Close up

26On route to the notch

27On route up the notch

28Looking ahead

29Looking at Brownstone Wall

30Nice Ponderosas ahead

31Much welcomed shade

32By Ponderosas

33On route up the notch

34Green enough

35Gambel Oak

36Looking ahead in the notch

37In the notch

38It gets narrow here

39On route up the notch

40Looking back

41Looking ahead

42On route up the notch

43On route up the notch

44Looking back

45Looking up


47On route up the notch

48Looking ahead

49Looking ahead

50On route up