Mack's Peak (10, 033 feet)

Mt. Charleston, Nevada

October 10, 2005

01Macks Canyon road and the peak

02We begin here

03The way up

04Peak comes into view

05Scarlet gilia

06Scarlet Gilia

07Macks Peak

08On route to the saddle

09So tiny

10Interesting rock

11Perching bird

12Summit of Macks

13The rest of Macks

14View of the whole mountain

15Rock with pretty crystals

16Perching bird

17By windblown Bristlecone Pines

18Off to the summit

19Cliffs of Macks


21On the way up

22The narrow way up

23Almost there


25View of the summit

26On route to the top

27Balancing rock and vistas

28Bonanza, Willow and Wheeler Peak

29View from the summit-Cold Creek

30View from the summit

31On the summit

32On the summit

33View from the summit- Sheep Range

34Sisters and Mummy Mountain

35Charleston Peak


37Indian Paintbrush

38Look back at Macks Peak

39Moonrise over Sisters