McFarland Peak via North Canyon

8 miles up and back with 3700 feet of elevation gain

Spring Mountains, Nevada

July 1, 2007

01Road to unofficial trailhead

02- 5 miles to trailhead

03View of route from trailhead

04Wild Mustang near trailhead

05More Mustangs

06They like each other

07Beautiful Mustang

08Portrait of him

09Another beautiful Mustang

10Portrait of him

11Bye for now

12Mares and Colt


14Two more

15Mom with Colt grazing

16Grazing near the canyon

17In North Canyon

18In North Canyon

19Shallow Cave

20In North Canyon

21On route up canyon

22Looking ahead

23On route up canyon

24On route up canyon

25Looking back

26Looking back

27On route up canyon

28Hungry Bee

29Looking ahead

30In North Canyon

31In North Canyon

32Thicket Hairstreak

33Nevada Skipper

34Blossoms attract butterflies

35In North Canyon

36Another hungry Skipper

37Nevada Skipper

38The Admiral

39Bee on route to nectar

40We continue up canyon

41Approaching the fork

42Approaching the fork

43Thompson Beardtongue

44In the left fork

45On route to ridge

46On route to ridge

47Thru the forest to ridge

48The never-ending slope to ridge

49Lots of pine cones on route

50On the ridge finally

51Looking ahead on route

52Cliffs of McFarland

53Summit is near

54On route along the ridge

55Here is the Arch

56McFarland Arch

57By the Arch

58On McFarland Arch

59We continue up the ridgeline

60Looking back

61On the ridge

62Summit comes to view

63View of the summit


65Charleston Peak in distance

66Mummy Mtn in distance

67Macks Peak is in distance

68View of Bonanza Peak


70Back on the ridge

71Looking down

72Looking down

73On the ridge

74On the ridge

75On the ridge


77Back in North Canyon

78Out of North Canyon

79Back in the desert

80Gray-breasted Jays

81Gray-breasted Jays

82Look back at the peak

83GPS trace of our route

84Location of the Arch

85Profile of the route

86Nevada desert