Mescalito (5, 440 feet) in Red Rocks, Nevada

Ascent via Fern Canyon; descent via Mescalito Fork and South Fork of Pine Creek.

7-mile loop with over 1500 feet of elevation gain.

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May 12, 2006

01With Gopher Snake on scenic loop

02Gopher Snake

03With Gopher snake

4Gopher Snake

05Gopher Snake

06With Gopher Snake

07With Gopher Snake

08With Gopher Snake

09Scarlet Gaura

10On Pine Creek trail

11Jimson Weed

12Moth on Yerba Santa

13Yerba Santa

14Yerba Santa and Mescalito

15Pine Creek trail

16Our goal for today above

17On route to Fern Canyon

18Climbers on Dark Shadows

19Climbers on Dark Shadows

20In Fern Canyon

21Fern Canyon

22Frog posing on camera

23In Fern Canyon

24Western Fence Lizard

25Fern Canyon

26Fern Canyon

27On route up canyon

28On route up canyon

29By Fern Canyon Waterfall

30Don climbing the waterfall

31Climbing the waterfall

32Henry above the waterfall

33Above the waterfall

34Above the waterfall

35We continue up canyon


37Pacific Tree Frog chilling also

38We leave the canyon here

39Hiking above Fern Canyon

40ptional traverse

41Don traversing

42Optional climb

43On route

44On route


46Prickly Pear bloom with bugs

47Bugs in Prickly Pear bloom

48On route

49On route

50On route


52Bighorn Sheep grazing in distance

53By tall Ponderosa Pine

54View of our route up

55Heading for shade

56Nice spot for a break

57Pacific Tree Frogs

58Pacific Tree Frogs

59Pacific Tree Frogs

60Fly on a Daisy

61We continue uphill

62Climbing up

63Climbing up

64Bighorn Sheep on ridge

65Curious ewes




69Photographing Bighorns

70Paiute Wall

71Bridge Mountain

72Claret Cup cactus in bloom

73On route to ridge

74Traversing to ridge


76On route to ridge

77On route to ridge

78Traverse continues


80On route to ridge