Moapa Peak (6,471 feet), Nevada

A classic desert peak with a knife-edge ridge. 6.5 miles up and down; 3,351 feet elevation gain

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April 15, 2006

01Moapa Peak

02On route to the trailhead

03Desert Marigolds and Moapa Peak

04Desert Marigold

05Photo shoot

06On cattle ramp

07Our goal for today

08Lots of Marigolds around here

09And nice cacti

10We park here

11Blue Sage by trailhead

12Bee on route to enjoy sage

13Bee on Blue Sage

14The adventure begins here

15More Blue Sage

16Primroses and Moapa Peak


18Desert Marigolds

19On route to the wash

20On route to the wash

21Blue Sage smells great

22Close-up of Blue Sage

23On route to the wash

24Tiny cactus

25Close-up of the cactus

26By the wash we will hike up

27Pollinator on Marigold

28Photographing a butterfly

29Mormon Metalmark

30Mormon Metalmark

31More Primroses

32Wish you could smell them

33Indian Paintbrush grows here also

34On route up wash

35Desert Trumpet in bloom

36Mojave Spurge in the wash

37In the wash


39On route up wash

40On route up wash

41Below the dryfall

42Climbing the dryfall

43Climbing the dryfall

44Side-blotched Lizard

45Globe Mallow

46On route to saddle

47View of the summit above

48Agave soon to bloom

49vistas from saddle

50Heading up from saddle

51Traversing to spot where we climb up

52We climb up here

53By a short climb

54On the way up

55On the way up

56Claret Cup

57Claret Cup

58On the way up

59Red Barrel Cactus and vistas

60On route to ridge