Mount Antero ( 14, 269 feet) via Baldwin Gulch

The Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

September 12, 2005

01Approaching Sawatch Range

02Mountain Motel in Salida

03Cabin looks great

04Our cabin in Mountain Motel

05Cabin inside-living room

06Cabin inside-bedroom

07Cabin inside-kitchenette

08Shavano, Tabaguache, Antero

09Mount Antero

10Mount Antero

11Baldwin Gulch Road

12View from the road

13View from the road

14Baldwin Gulch Road

15Aspens in color




19View from the road

20Baldwin Gulch Road looking back

21Vistas from the road

22Summit of Antero

23Goal for tomorrow

24We begin our hike here


26Early morning

27Early morning

28Fall colors

29Fall colors

30At the saddle

31At the saddle

32Vistas from the saddle

33Mt Shavano and Tabeguache

34Mt Shavano

35Mt Tabeguache

36On the way up

37On the way up

38Resting among the rocks

39Autumn colors

40On the way up

41On the way up

42The only thing that grows high up here

43Summit comes into view

44The rocky ridge and the summit

45At the saddle

46Little bird

47At the saddle






53On the ridge

54On the ridge

55Rocky ridge

56Rocky ridge

57Traversing the ridge

58On the ridge

59Rocky ridge

60Rocky ridge