Mount Cameron (14,238 feet), Mount Lincoln (14,286 feet- Mosquito Range Highest Point) and Mount Democrat (14,148 feet)

Mosquito Range, Colorado

From Kite Lake Trailhead

Rank in Colorado: Lincoln- 8, Democrat- 28, Cameron- even though named and recognized on USGS maps it is not ranked because it does not rise 300 feet above the saddle that connects it to the nearest 14er which is Mt. Lincoln.

Trailhead Elevation: 12,000 feet; Elevation Gain: 3,000 feet accumulative; 7 miles round trip

July 19, 2006

01The Trailhead

02The Trailhead

03Checking the trail

04Kite Lake

05The next morning, Mt. Democrat on left

06On route to Mt. Cameron

07Mt. Democrat at sunrise

08Vistas at sunrise

09Vistas at sunrise

10Mt. Cameron top still not in view

11Hiking up

12On route to Cameron and Lincoln

13Looking back at Sawatch Range on horizon

14Mt. Massive

15Mt. Elbert

16La Plata Peak

17On broad summit of Mt. Cameron

18View of Lincoln from Cameron

19Close-up of Lincoln

20The route to Lincoln

21Henry on top of Mt. Lincoln

22Henry on top of Mt. Lincoln

23View of Mt. Bross from top of Lincoln

24View of Mt. Cameron from top of Lincoln

25View from top of Lincoln

26Waiting on Mt. Cameron

27Vistas on route to top of Lincoln

28Self-portrait on top of Lincoln

29Cameron and Democrat


31View from top of Lincoln

32View from top of Lincoln

33Survey marker

34Sign-in book

35Off to Mt. Democrat

36Kite Lake down below

37Close-up of Kite Lake

38Succulents above 13,000

39Remnants of mining on the saddle

40At the saddle

41Climbing Mount Democrat

42Finally summit comes to view

43Hadrian is happy to see some snow

44Clouds have appeared

45La Plata on horizon and clouds

56Mt. Elbert on horizon

57Mt. Massive on horizon

58Summit is near

59On route to top of Democrat

60On route to top of Democrat

61Us on top of Mt. Democrat

62On top of Democrat, Lincoln in the back

63On top of Democrat

64View from Democrat

65View from Democrat