Mount Jefferson (South Summit) 11,941 feet

Toquima Mountains Highest Point, Central Nevada

November 25, 2005

01Central Nevada scenery

02Central Nevada scenery

03Mt Jefferson South Summit

04Close-up of Mount Jefferson

05The road to the trailhead

06Mt Jefferson

07A look back

08Our camp


10Mt Jefferson at sunset

11The next morning

12On the trail

13By wilderness sign

14Hiking up

15Summit in clouds

16Hiking up


18It is clearing up


20A lone tree

21On the trail

22View of the broad summit plateau

23View west- Toiyabe Range

24View looking east

25View looking east

26The trail

27On the trail


29On the trail


31View up from the saddle

32View of Jefferson East

33Looking east

34Looking north-east

35Final slope to climb

36Below the summit

37Below the summit

38Autumn colors

39Autumn colors

40Summit above


42Broad summit

43Sign in book is in this cairn

44View from the top-Toiyabe Range

45Arc Dome, Toiyabe Range