Mount Princeton ( 14,197 feet)

via East Slopes

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

August 8, 2003

01On the slopes of Princeton


03View of the summit at sunrise

04Slopes of Princeton at sunrise

05Alpine Thistle

06Going up

07Going up

08Mount Antero in the back

09Antero and vistas

10Going up

11View of Antero

12Looking at the top


14Summit is near

15View down at the saddle and Tigger Peak

16View of the summit


18Anya and Hadrian

19On the way up

20Henry and Hadrian

21Henry below the summit

22Henry and Hadrian on the summit

23Anya and Hadrian on the summit

24View from the summit

25View from the summit

26View from the summit

27View from the summit

28View from the summit

29View from the summit

30a-View from the summit




32Alpine Thistle

33Alpine Thistle