Mount Whitney (14,497 feet) in a day

via Mount Whitney Trail

22 miles round trip; 6,200 feet of elevation gain

Sierras Highest Peak, California (17th highest in the USA)

Rank in California: 1

Note: A wilderness permit is required for this hike

September 21, 2006

01Entering Inyo National Forest

02The goal

03Deer along Portal Road

04Deer along Portal Road

05Deer along the road

06The Trailhead

07Map of the route

08Trail mileage info

09The next day

10 I take off solo from here

11Looking back at my Support Team

12Mile marker

13Looking down at Lone Pine Lake

14Early morning light

15Trail goes along Bighorn Park

16Morning light

17Trail and vistas

18Trail through Bighorn Park

19The trail

20Morning light

21Morning light

22Outpost Camp at 10,400 feet

23Waterfall in Outpost Camp

24Trail sign

25Creek crossing



28Mirror Lake at 10,640 feet


30Thor Peak

31Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

32The same squirrel

33Looking ahead, trail on right

34Trailside Meadow at 11,400

35Trail sign



38The trail

39Looking back

40Looking ahead

41Looking ahead

42Looking ahead

43Approaching Trail Camp

44Pond at Trail Camp

45Looking up from 12,000 feet

46Hiker starting on 99 switchbacks



49Looking down to Trail Camp from trail

50The trail

51Another Pika



54On route up 99 switchbacks

55The cables

56Ice on trail

57View from the trail

58Consultation Lake on right

59Hiker heading up

60Mt Muir and Whitney

61Approaching Trail Crest

62The Crest

63Trail on left

64The Crest

65Trail Crest sign