Mummy Mountain aka Mummy's Tummy (11,542 feet)

Spring Mountains, Nevada

Up via the South Ridge, down via the Scree Slope. 8 miles round trip with 3500 feet of elevation gain

August 22 , 2007

01Starting up in Trail Canyon

02In Trail Canyon

03Trail weaves thru Ponderosa Forest

04South Ridge of Mummy in view

05At trail junction

06On North Loop trail

07On North Loop trail

08The South Ridge above

09We leave the trail here

10On route to ridge

11On route to ridge

12Cliffs above

13On route to ridge

14On route to ridge

15It is steep

16View of Charleston Peak

17View of North Loop trail below

18On route to ridge

19A bit of color


21On route to ridge

22On route to ridge

23On route to ridge

24On route to ridge

25Small Bristlecone Pine forest

26Climbing to ridgeline


28More vistas

29Climbing to the ridge

30Climbing to the ridge

31Climbing to South Ridge

32View of North Ridge

33More vistas

34North Ridge and Charleston

35Almost there

36Finally we are on South Ridge

37View of Mummys Toe

38On route up the ridge

39On route up the ridge

40Nick climbing on the ridge

41Along the South ridge

42Up the ridge

43Up the ridge

44On route along the ridge

45On route to vista point

46Cliffy vistas from ridge

47Along the ridge

48View of Mummy

49Cliffs of Mummy

50South Ridge continues



53On the South Ridge

54By next scramble

55Climbing tree-chute

56Climbing tree-chute

57Climbing tree-chute

58Climbing tree-chute

59The ridge continues

60Final chute comes to view

61Along the ridge

62Along the ridge

63Along the ridge

64Summer color

65More summer color

66Approaching final chute to the top

67On route to the chute

68Starting up the chute

69Starting up the chute

70On route to the top

71Looking towards Mummys Toe

72On route to the top

73Summit is near

74Summit is near

75On the summit


77Descending Scree Slope

78Down the Scree Slope

79Down the scree slope

80Cliffs of Mummy

81Break along North Loop

82Break along the North Loop

83GPS trace of the route