North Peak (7,047 feet)

Red Rock, Nevada

Via North Peak Wash; 3 miles round trip with 2000 feet of accumulative elevation gain.

October 18, 2006

01North Peak

02North Peak

03On Rocky Gap Road

04On Rocky Gap Road

05On Rocky Gap Road

06On route to the wash

07Rabbit Brush

08Redbud Tree in autumn

09Fishhook Cactus

10In North Peak Wash

11Rough Angelica in autumn

12Rough Angelica seeds

13Scrub Oak leaves in autumn colors

14Scrub Oak fruit

15Seed-pods of Redbud

16Natural composition in water

17On route up the wash

18On route up the wash

19On route up the wash

20The way up

21Wash continues

22On route up the wash

23It is steep

24On route up to ridge

25On route to ridge

26On route to ridge

27Looking back

28Looking towards the peak

29Griffith Peak in distance

30Close-up of Griffith Peak

31Summit is near

32Summit of North Peak

33On the summit

34On the summit

35On the summit

36On the summit

37View of White Rock Hills

38View of Bridge Mountain


40Canyon Wren

41Canyon Wren

42Canyon Wren

43Canyon Wren

44View of the Ice Box Overlook

45Below North Peak

46By the natural pool

47By the natural pool

48North Peak and its reflection

49View of Buffalo Wall

50View of Bridge Mountain

51Ice Box Canyon down below

52Natural pool

53The same pool

54More pools


56Look back at the peak



59Scrub Oak in autumn colors

60Scrub Oak in autumn colors

61Rocky Gap Road down below

62Looking back

63Burro along the road



66Nosy Burro

67Nosy Burro

68Burro on Scenic Loop drive