North Schell Peak (11,883 feet)

Schell Creek Range Highest Point, Humboldt National Forest, Nevada

The Schell Creek Range stretches for 142 miles and is the second longest mountain range in Nevada.

November 27, 2005

01Snow showers in the Schells

02Schell Creek Mtns the next day

03On the road to North Schell Peak

04We decide to park here

05It is 14 degrees F down here

06Timber Creek

07Timber Creek

08Timber Creek

09Timber Creek

10Virgin snow we will hike in

11In the snow

12Hiking along Timber Creek

13The slope we will climb to the ridge

14Snow covered pine tree

15Snow frozen solid on pine trees

16View of the ridge

17Hiking up the slope

18By sno covered pine trees

19By snow covered pine trees

20Pine tree

21On the way up

22Bristlecone pine

23Pine trees

24View of South Schell

25Snowy pine trees

26On elk path

27On elk path

28Elk way in distance


30More snowy scenery



33Hiking up

34View looking west

35View looking north