Quandary Peak (14,265 feet)

The Highest Point of the Ten Mile Range, Colorado

Via East Ridge

Rank in Colorado: 13

Trailhead Elevation: 10,850 feet; Elevation Gain: 3,450 feet; 6.6 miles round trip

July 22, 2006

01Quandary Peak

02Quandary Peak

03The trailhead

04Trail info

05Trail info

06Before the sunrise

07On the trail

08Before the sunrise

09The trail

10Before the sunrise


12Bross and Lincoln far right

13Mt Bross and Mt Lincoln

14Reflections in Blue Lake below

15Trail to Quandary at sunrise

16Pika is waking up

17Pika stretching


19Time for breakfast

20Enjoying breakfast

21Pika on lookout rock


23On route to the summit

24Final 1000 feet up

25Blue Lake and Mosquito 14ers

26On the trail

27On the trail

28On the trail



31On the rocky trail

32On the long summit

33Summit and register

34Survey marker

35Hadrian-the Fourteener Dog

36Lake down below

37On the summit

38View of Mosquito Range

39On the summit

40On the summit

41View from the top

42View from the top

43View from the top

44View from the top

45Mt Democrat

46View from the top

47Pika on the summit

48Pika on the summit

49Pika on the summit

50Pika on the summit