Redstone Peaks

Black Mountains, Lake Mead Area, Nevada

A 4.4 mile loop out of Redstone Dunes Pullout along Northshore Road to:

East Redstone Peak (2,982 feet), Tall Cairn Peak (2,992 feet) and Redstone Peak (3,477 feet)

December 6, 2006

01Entering LMNRA

02The hike begins here

03In Redstone Dunes area

04One of many birds in the area

05In Redstone Dunes area

06East Redstone Peak-first goal

07Redstone Peak- third goal

08Overton Arm of Lake Mead is in view

09On route to the gully

10Look back at Redstone Dunes

11East Redstone Peak

12The saddle

13On route to saddle

14On route to saddle

15Bighorn Sheep

16Bighorn Sheep

17More Bighorns show up

18Bighorns observing us

19Bighorn Sheep

20Bighorn Sheep herd near saddle

21Bighorn Sheep

22Bighorn Sheep

23Sheep heading down

24Sheep on route down

25Heading down

26Heading down the cliffs

27Tall Cairn Peak- our second goal

28Bighorns are now below second goal

29Arriving at East Redstone Peak

30Summit vistas

31Summit vistas- Tall Cairn Peak

32On East Redstone Peak

33Summit vistas

34On East Redstone Peak

35Summit vistas

36View of Redstone Peak

37Tall Cairn Peak- next destination

38Bighorn Sheep still in the area

39Bighorn Sheep

40On the saddle

41Vistas from saddle

42Bitter Ridge- close up

43East Redstone Peak in the back

44On Route to Tall Cairn Peak

45Second encounter with the herd

46Herd behind the bushes

47Preparing to leave

48Ram and Ewes leaving

49Bighorns at the saddle

50Bighorns at the saddle

51Running away

52Bye sheep

53On route to Tall Cairn Peak

54On route

55A look back

56Arriving at the summit

57The summit

58On Tall Cairn Peak

59Summit vistas

60Summit vistas

62View of Cathedral Peaks

63On Tall Cairn Peak

64Summit vistas


66Below Tall Cairn Peak

67Lake Mead close up

68Lake Mead close up

69On route to Redstone Peak

70Bonelli Peak in distance

71On route to Redstone Peak