Wetterhorn Peak (14,015 feet), San Juan Range, Colorado

Via Southeast Ridge from Matterhorn Creek

Rank in Colorado: 49

Trailhead Elevation: 10,800 feet; Elevation Gain: 3,300 feet; 7 miles round trip

July 16, 2006

*Wetterhorn is a German word and it means "weather peak"

01Parking at the trailhead



04Trailhead sign

05Before the sunrise

06Trail and Matterhorn

07Wetterhorn Peak at sunrise

08Wetterhorn at sunrise

09Trail sign

10Looking back

11Looking ahead

12Trail junction

13Looking ahead

14Looking back

15Wetterhorn Peak

16Saddle and the peak

17On the trail


19Near the trail

20The trail

21Photographing Pika

22Pika on lookout

23On the trail

24Colorado Columbines

25Colorado Columbines

26The peak in distance

27More Columbines

28Colorado Columbines





33On the trail

34Looking down from trail

35Approaching the saddle

36Wetterhorn Peak

37Alpine Avens



40Looking from near first saddle

41Approaching first saddle

42View from first saddle

43View from second saddle

44My guide leads the way

45My guide waiting

46Friendly marmot and route to ridge

47My guide waiting

48Vistas on route to ridge

49Vistas on route to ridge

50Vistas on route to ridge

51More vistas

52Looking back at the route

53Looking back at the route

54The way up

55Looking up

56The first notch

57View through the first notch

58The notch on route

59Looking back at the Prow

60View from the ramp

61View from the ramp

62Looking back at the ramp

63Vistas along the way

64Vistas along the way

65Hiker descending

66Final climb to the summit

67Self-portrait on top of Wetterhorn

68Marmot tops out

69Marmot and vistas