Wheeler Peak (13,063 feet) and Bald Mountain (11,562 feet)

Great Basin National Park, Nevada

September 16, 2005

01Entering Great Basin NP

02Wheeler and Jeff Davis

03Wheeler Peak at sunset

04Jeff Davis at sunset


06Our camp at 10,000 feet

07I begin here

08Trail junction

09Wheeler Peak

10Close up of first goal for today

11I will go this way later today

12Open meadow


14Off to the summit

15It is very green here

16A look back

17The first saddle

18The first saddle

19Vistas from the saddle

20Trail going up

21Look back at Bald Mountain

22Summit comes into view

23Look back on the trail


25Jeff Davis comes into view

26Alpine lakes down below

27View down the ridge

28View down the glacier

29Summit of Wheeler

30Summit is quite long

31View of Baker Peaks

32Cairn and Jeff Davis

33View of Jeff Davis

34Self-portrait on top

35View of Baker Peaks

36One of many windshelters

37View from the summit

38Another wind shelter

39On the summit


41Sign-in book

42On the summit

43View from the summit

44View from the summit

45Off to Bald Mountain

47Back on first saddle

48Bald Mountain

49Views on the way up

50Getting closer

51Some more rocks

52Summit comes to view

53Bald Mountain summit

54Bald Mountain summit

55View from the top

56View from the top


58View of Wheeler and Jeff Davis

59Gorgeous alpine scenery

60Off to Stella Lake

61Back on the trail