Wilson Mountain (7,122 feet)

The top of this mountain is about 1 mile wide by 2 miles long.

Sedona, Arizona

April 24, 2002

01Wilson Mountain trailhead

02Wilson Mountain trailhead memorial

03Wilson Mountain

04Midgley Bridge

05Wilson Mtn in the back

06On the trail


08Wilson Mtn

09The trail

10Our camp at the saddle

11View down into Sedona

12Vistas at sunrise

13Vistas at sunrise

14Vistas at sunrise

15Vistas at sunrise

15Wilson Mtn view from the saddle

16On the trail, First Bench

17On the trail to northern overlook

18Northern overlook views

19San Francisco peaks, view

20Humphreys Peak- Arizona Highest Point

21On northern overlook

22On northern overlook

23SW overlook

24SW overlook

25The cairn we built


27On southern overlook

28Southern overlook

29On southern overlook

30Southern overlook

31View from southern overlook



34On southern overlook

35On southern overlook

36Guarding southern overlook

37Vistas on the way down

38Camping spot on the saddle

39Foztail cactus in bloom