Windy Peak (6,200 feet), South Red Rock, Nevada

Up via East Face; down via Standard Route through the ramp.

A 4-mile loop with over 2000 feet of elevation gain.

March 1, 2007

01On road to trailhead

02On road to trailhead

03Windy Peak

04By chocolate color rocks

05Rock garden and Windy

06Lichen on rock

07Rocks here are huge

08Rock garden

09Barrel Cacti

10Windy and glyphs


12By a tall Mojave Yucca

13The way up

14On route to first gully

15Hiking among the Chollas

16View of Hollow Rock Peak

17Old Man Prickly Pear Cactus

18Scrub Live Oak

19Barrel Cactus

20On route up first gully

21Pinion Pine

22After topping out

23Peak comes to view

24View of descent ramp

25In second gully

26Climbing up second gully

27On route up second gully

28There are many Pinion Pines

29On route to ridge

30On route to ridge

31On route to ridge

32By the cairn

33Around the corner

34View of route past the corner

35Another Pinion Pine

36On route to ridge

37We have reached the ridge

38On lookout rock

39Finally summit comes to view

40The North Face of Windy

41Ridge traverse begins here

42View of Black Velvet Peak

43On the ridge

44On the ridge